What we Do

We bridge the gap in credit between banks and SME's

UK businesses issue bonds, a debt instrument, to raise capital directly from investors; this effectively ‘takes the banks out of the process’, allowing companies to offer high interest rates directly to investors.

Fixed Rate From 12% Upwards

You can take out a The Sovereign interest plan from as little as £2,000 to £25,000,000 receiving 12.00% per year over a maximum 7-year period (paid annually or per quarter).

A Rated Bond Insurance

Our Lloyds of London insurance broker has committed to providing protection in the form of bond indemnity insurance which covers the bond in full to the value of £25,000,000.

The Sovereign Bond Fund is led by a dedicated visionary team of entrepreneurs, and backed by an established team of London’s Leading Investment institutional executives. We believe in identify the need for attractive and sustainable long-term returns for investors with security at the forefront.

We achieve this through our corporate bonds which provide regular and fixed income without foregoing the capital growth potential of equity markets.

The ethos & ethics at The Sovereign Bond Fund is that our integrity and client satisfaction are paramount, so we always endeavour to maintain the highest ethical standards. We take nothing more seriously than the responsibility we owe to our investors by ensuring their returns are achieved and we have done so for many years so far.

We pride ourselves on offering our investors the maximum protection and create our bonds to always include asset-backed security safeguards and protection.

Who we are

What We Do

The Sovereign Bond Fund is an established Investment Corporation that invests in private equity, corporate finance projects, highly profitable asset backed property developments and secured joint ventures.

We are offering investors the opportunity to invest in our 2–7 year fully secured & protected bonds and paying a fixed rate return from 12.00% per year.

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